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At America’s RV Techs, we understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to your RV investment. That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive RV inspection services tailored to meet your needs.

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Why Should You Have an RV Inspected?

Investing in an RV is an exciting adventure, however it is critical to protect your investment with a Certified RV Inspection. Whether you’re considering purchasing a brand-new RV or a pre-owned RV, an inspection is a smart decision. Anyone buying an RV should have the RV they are considering inspected, as it can uncover hidden issues and provide invaluable peace of mind.
Having a pre-owned RV inspected prior to purchase will arm you with the information you need to have repairs made prior to the sale, or to negotiate the best price possible.

Dealer PDIs cannot begin to cover all that an independent inspection from a Certified Inspector will. Save yourself the headache of returning your new RV to the Dealer for Warranty Repairs. With an independent 3rd party inspection, you will be able to have the Dealer perform the repairs before you ever take possession of your RV.

RV inspections are not only beneficial for Buyers but also for Sellers. If you’re selling your RV and want to ensure you get top dollar for it, an inspection can help identify any potential problems that could affect its value. By providing potential buyers with a comprehensive inspection report, you demonstrate transparency and build trust, ultimately making your RV more attractive in the marketplace.

What’s Included in Our RV Inspections?

Our experienced Inspector will Inspect all RV Components and Systems and provide a detailed report highlighting any deficiencies that were identified. Here are some of the systems that will be inspected.


From freshwater systems to waste tanks, we ensure your RV’s plumbing is leak-free, functional, and ready for your next journey.


We inspect wiring, outlets, and electrical appliances to ensure proper functionality and safety on the road.


Hydraulic systems play a vital role in operating slides, leveling systems, and other essential functions. Our inspections ensure these systems are in optimal condition for seamless operation.


Your RV’s appliances, including refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and microwaves, undergo thorough testing to ensure they’re functioning correctly and safely.

Air Conditioning and Furnace

We examine your RV’s HVAC systems to ensure efficient cooling and heating, keeping you comfortable in any climate.


Tire safety is paramount for RV travel. Our inspections include tire tread depth, pressure checks, and overall tire condition assessments.


Slide mechanisms are inspected for proper operation, ensuring they extend and retract smoothly without issues.

Roof and Water Intrusion

The entire roof is inspected for integrity of the roof itself as well as all the seals and roof fixtures / components. The roof, and the interior ceiling and walls are inspected for any water intrusion or damage.

Our Commitment to You

At America’s RV Techs, we’re committed to providing honest and transparent services and unmatched expertise. You can trust our team to deliver accurate and timely inspection reports that give valuable insights into your RV. Don’t wait until a small issue becomes a costly repair. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive RV inspection and enjoy worry-free travels for years to come!


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Why You Should Choose an Inspector who is NRVIA Certified?

There are many companies out there where a “cheap” inspection can be obtained. This is not the inspection you want when it comes to protecting your investment. NRVIA Certified Inspectors provide in-depth inspections that cannot be found elsewhere.

What is NRVIA Certification?

The National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA) is the leading authority in RV inspections. Their certification process involves rigorous training and testing to ensure inspectors have the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to conduct thorough and accurate inspections. When you choose an NRVIA Certified Inspector you receive expertise, comprehensive and detailed inspections and reporting, reliability, and peace of mind.


First Class: Premier Level Inspection

At America’s RV Techs, we understand that your RV is more than just a vehicle; it’s your home away from home and for many it is your home. That’s why we offer our Premier RV Inspection, a comprehensive 500-point inspection that covers all systems and components from top to bottom.
What Sets Our Premier RV Inspection Apart?


Our Premier RV Inspection covers every aspect of your RV, from top to bottom and inside out. With 500 points of inspection, we meticulously examine all RV components and systems in great detail.

Comprehensive Evaluation

From plumbing and electrical systems to appliances, hydraulics, tires, slides, and more, our inspection provides a comprehensive evaluation of your RV’s condition.


Our experienced Inspector is trained to identify even the smallest issues that could potentially lead to bigger problems down the road. You can trust us to deliver accurate inspection reports and valuable insights.

Peace of Mind

With our Premier RV Inspection, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your RV has been thoroughly examined by industry experts. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply want to ensure your RV is in top condition, our inspection is the gold standard in RV care.

First Class Inspection Pricing

Pricing is dependent on the size of the RV being inspected and the systems included on the specific RV. Prices for a First Class / Premier Level Inspection range from $399 – $999. This includes the full inspection which takes anywhere from 3-8 hours and the full 500-point inspection report with 75-150 photos. A Mobile Service Fee is also assessed depending on distance.

We can also customize an inspection to suit your needs and budget. Call us to discuss.

Front Line: Life Safety Inspection
At America’s RV Techs, we prioritize the safety and security of our customers above all else. Our Life Safety Inspection is designed to provide you with peace of mind knowing that systems that could cause a life safety issue are functioning properly.
What’s Included in Our Life Safety Inspection?

Propane System Inspection

A leak test is performed, and all propane operated appliances are tested.

Electrical System Inspection

Electrical outlets and systems are tested for safe operation.

Hot Skin Test

A hot skin test is performed to determine correct polarity.

Tire Pressure and Condition Check

Tire tread is measured as well as the tire pressure. Tires are visually inspected for any signs of wear.

LP Detectors, Smoke Alams, Fire Extinguisher

These items are inspected to ensure they are up to code, in date, and operating as intended.

Life Safety Inspection Pricing: $200

Optional Add-On: Visual Roof and Water Intrusion Inspection

For an additional $75, you can add a visual Roof and Water Intrusion Inspection to your Life Safety Inspection. This will include a visual inspection of the roof and the interior of the RV for condition and signs of water intrusion.

Schedule Your Life Safety Inspection Today

Don’t wait until it’s too late to ensure the safety and security of your RV. Contact us today to schedule your Life Safety Inspection and take the first step towards worry-free travels!
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Additional Services

At America’s RV Techs, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions to meet all of your RV needs. In addition to our inspection services, we offer a range of additional services designed to enhance your RV ownership experience.

Fluid Sample Testing

Fluid Samples can be taken from engine oil, generator oil, and transmission fluid. Samples are sent to an independent lab for evaluation. Please contact us for pricing and further details.

Basic Training: New Owner RV Orientation

Setting out on your RV journey for the first time? Our Basic Training program, also known as New Owner RV Orientation, is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to confidently operate and maintain your RV. From basic operation to essential maintenance tasks, we’ll provide you with personalized training designed to meet your specific needs.

Basic Training Pricing: $250 for 2-hour training plus $75 Mobile Service Fee

Boots on the Ground: RV Showings / Tours

For Buyers who are unable to view an RV themselves due to distance or other circumstances, our Boots on the Ground service is the perfect solution. Our experienced technicians will conduct a visual inspection of the RV on your behalf, providing detailed feedback and insights to help you make an informed decision. We can also arrange a video call during the inspection, allowing you to virtually tour the RV in real-time and ask any questions you may have.

Boots on the Ground Pricing:

$250 plus $75 Mobile Service Fee

Optional Add On:

Roof / Water Intrusion Visual Inspection – $75
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Ready to take advantage of our additional services to enhance your RV ownership experience? Contact us today to schedule Fluid Sample Testing, Basic Training, or Boots on the Ground inspection services. Our team is here to ensure your RV journey is safe, enjoyable, and worry-free!

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